Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Skye!

Today is Auntie Skye’s Birthday! She’s married to Mommy’s brother, Uncle Jody.

(And Happy Birthday to Miss Ashli, too, since she was born almost at the same time as Auntie Skye.)

Auntie Skye has been a part of my family almost as long as me. She came to see me after my heart got fixed.

We stopped to visit her house when we would come to town, back when we still lived in our old house.
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She came to my birthday party when I was 2. I got a really great numbers book that I still play with every day.

And we had one of my birthday parties at her house when I was 3.

Hope you have a fun day, Auntie Skye!!


  1. Aww, that made me smile. Thanks for the birthday wish Braska. Great post.

  2. That was very nice. Thanks for helping make my birthday special :)

  3. What a great way to wish Auntie Skye a happy birthday! Loved the pictures! Even that one with the "old guy" in the Hawaiian shirt!


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