Saturday, March 27, 2010

Medicine again

Today I woke up and I didn't feel good at all. My nose was all clogged with alot of really gross stuff, and I couldn't breathe. So I didn't sleep very well and I was grouchy. Mommy checked my temp-a-chur and it was 100.8. She said that wasn't very good for me.

We went to see Dr. Az this morning, since she worked on Saturday today, and she was really nice. She told Mommy we can get me over this gunky stuff and make my nose all better. She said I have a sinus inf-ex-shun. And I just finished my medicine for the other stuff yesterday!

So I have new medicines, and Dr. Az says that she is gonna get me all better, no messing around! Mommy likes that idea.

(Mommy note: Dr. Az is in the same group as Dr. A, our regular pediatrician, but she was who was in on the Saturday shift this morning. She always is great, and I keep thinking we might switch. She agreed that amoxicillin is useless for Braska, apparently, and so we're going to hit with the bigger guns and go back to Omnicef, adding Nasonex and Singulair to the Zyrtec we started yesterday. She believes that all these angles of treatment will help her get rid of the snot, for good. I hope. And she'll be missing some school again this week, except for therapies... we just have to get her time to get better. )

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  1. We love Nasonex! The Zyrtec and Amox never did the trick for Goldie. Hope Braska feels better soon!


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