Sunday, March 7, 2010

Me ‘n Jack: Heart buddies

Not every kid has the kind of cool toys we do at my house.  When Jack was over to play this week, he found my s’tef-a-scop.  Mommy and Daddy used to use it when they put my tube in, back when it had to go in my nose down to my tummy for my milk.
Both of us had our hearts fixed when we were little babies, we have seen lots of doctors, and they always have these things and want to listen to our insides.  So we know just what to do with them. 

(Mommy note: Jack was SO impressive with this.  This is not a fake stethoscope.  The ear pieces are very stiff, but he managed to get them wide enough to get around his head and in his ears correctly.  Then he picked up the other end and placed it perfectly on her chest and then waited. Like he was actually listening… and she let him, not seeming the least bit surprised. So cool.)


  1. That is really nifty! Thanks for posting such a neat picture!

  2. I'm totally stealing this pic! You two are so adorable together!


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