Friday, March 5, 2010

Me ‘n Jack: Testing the playroom

Today Jack is at my house playing while his Mommy and Daddy go to a meeting that’s important.  I’ll tell you some about it soon… it’s great!

So while Jack’s here, we are playing in my new playroom, Mommy says testing it out to see if it’s fun for all three of us.

We have been having a good time so far, playing with everything, doing some dancing, and laughing and just being silly.  Then we decided we’d take a break and get a snack while KiKi went to nap early.  She was kind of grouchy and tired, so Mommy let her to go sleep.

Do you see something neat in that picture?  I mean, Jack’s always the coolest thing, but look at me.  I’m holding my spoon for “scoop and bite” which is what I’ve been working on so I don’t need Mommy’s help so much.  I like to do it, but sometimes I can’t quite get it in the right place.  But yogurt is my favorite, so I try really hard!

I gotta go play more now.  Back to the playroom!


  1. Looks like the playroom meets your high standards. ;-) And great job on using a spoon to eat.

  2. I noticed Braska was using a spoon and feeding herself! Exciting!


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