Friday, March 5, 2010

Jack’s gettin’ a sister!!!

Guess what Mommy told me???  Jack’s gonna get a new sister!  She’s already born, so she’s not in Miss Julie’s tummy, but she lives far away, so they have to go get her and bring her home. 

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We are really happy about this because I’m gonna get a new friend to see ALL the time, just like when I get to see Jack ALL the time!  We’re going to have SO much fun!  Me and KiKi and Dashlyn are gonna do all kinds of fun things together, and we’ll let Jack play with us too, of course.  But think of how cute us three girls are gonna be in all our pink!  Miss Julie likes pink, so we are going to make sure Dashlyn has lots of it, don’t you worry.  Me and KiKi have plenty to share.  Mommy even helped make Dashlyn’s blog pink, so you can go see it if you want.

Mommy says it will be a while before she gets to come to visit our house because they have to do a lot of work and go a long way to get her, but I hope she comes soon!

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  1. I kind of think you and Kiki may have had something to do with Jack's daddy deciding we need a little girl to come live with us too! Oh the pink they will have - YAY!


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