Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mommy report: Oh, it’s just strep…

Braska and KiKi have been at Grammy’s since Friday afternoon.  I was supposed to go get them on Monday morning.  That didn’t happen because I got progressively more sick over the weekend.  I started antibiotics yesterday morning for a bacterial infection after seeing my doctor, but I was not diagnosed with strep.  This morning, Grammy said Braska needed to be seen, so she packed her up and brought her home.

Braska obviously didn’t feel well. She has had fevers of about 100+ and 101 the last few days, but it went away with Tylenol, so until today, we let it go.  She had a bit of a rash starting to pop up by the time she got home, and we headed for our afternoon appointment.  She has fluid in both ears, which we knew would be the case, and the ears are partially infected.  But the real problem is the throat, which is very red and swollen.  Even her cute little voice is raspy and hoarse. The rapid strep test came back positive.  So Dr. A came into the room and said, “She has strep. And so do you.”  She was convinced that my issues are a pretty heavy duty bout of strep, too.  Even down to the crazy red eyes I’ve got going on. 

I’m going to stick with my antibiotics for now, and Braska was started on hers this afternoon.  KiKi is still at Grammy’s house for the next couple days to hopefully miss this misery.  M is steering clear of us girls at home, hoping to not get hit as well.  But the good news is that, according to the doc, “Strep is easy to get rid of.”  So even if it grabs someone else, we hope to be able to be aware quickly and get it treated.  I’m so glad we got Braska started on meds today though.  Poor little thing…  I hope Kinlee can avoid this.

Braska and I will be hanging at home for a few days.  This probably isn’t when you want to swing by for a visit, though.  And I’ve already decided that she’ll be out of school next week, too.  Her sleep study is next week, and I’m not taking any chances that she won’t be in good health for that.  It’s too important.

I’m disinfecting and cleaning everything I can.  Thankfully it’s been nice weather, so I can open up and freshen up the house while all the bleach water can dry quickly on the toys.

Be well, people.  And wash those hands!

Edited to add: Not 5 minutes after I posted this, Grammy emailed that Kinlee has a fever, too, so she’s started on amox as well.  Thankfully I sent some with her just in case…  Oh, the fun.


  1. Oh dear! Sorry you guys are sick. The stomach virus just made it's way into our house right before Spring Break! :(

  2. Kinlee's had a good day. Acted fine, no fever, runny nose quit by lunch and hasn't returned. Keeping her on the meds. It's working!

  3. I'm so sorry y'all are sick!!! I do hope you are feeling better quickly!



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