Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shiny AND pink!

Mommy and Miss Julie went to the store to get food today while me and Jack were at school.  And they also got something else…  really pretty and shiny pink coats!!  They were on clear-rents and not even more dollars than my fingers on my hand! So Mommy got one for KiKi since she’s too big for hers and there’s still some cold left.  And the other one, well, it’s not for me, but I borrowed it for this picture.  It’s for a special girl, though. A new friend!!!  I’ll tell you about her really soon! 

(Mommy note: Interesting tidbit for some of you… Braska’s coat here is 24 months.  Kinlee’s is 18 months.  Braska’s jeans are 18 months. Kinlee’s are 24 months.
[In fairness, the jeans on KiKi are “skinny jeans” and they are a tad too long.  Braska’s are a tad too short.] 
Braska’s shoes are size 4. Kinlee’s are size 4. Crazy!)


  1. Love the coats!!!

    (and I get it about the shoes... Micah is in a 4 extra wide, but only because of his AFO's... Matthew is in a 5!)

  2. Cute, cute, cute!!! (Oh, and save Kiki's shoes, please.)


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