Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick on Spring Break

This week I don’t have to go to school. I guess we get to take a week off to have some fun with Spring.  But my mommy got sick a few days ago, so I went to Grammy’s for a few days with KiKi so Mommy could get better. 

The bad news is that I got sick anyway, but it’s probably not the same as Mommy has.  Grammy’s taking me back to my house today so we can go to the doctor after lunch.  My ears are hurting again, and I’ve been kind of hot.  I hope they get to fix my ears soon, but Mommy says I have to wait til after next week when I get to go to the hospital so that doctors can watch me sleep.  Then they will tell Mommy and Daddy about my sleeping and decide what to do about my ears and some other stuff.

KiKi is staying with Auntie Julia while Grammy takes me home, and then Grammy and Papa will bring her home in a few days.  Mommy can’t drive the car since her eyes are all icky and she can’t see very good.  So Grammy will take us to the doctor and see if I can get something to help me feel better.

I don’t think this is how the Spring Break is supposed to go, but oh well.  I hope we all get better soon.  This isn’t very fun so far this Spring.

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  1. Bummer when it rains it pours on you guys! Hope you are both feeling better soon and KiKi doesn't get sick too.


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