Saturday, March 13, 2010

Swingin’ at the park!

It was warm enough this week that we didn’t have to wear coats, so after nap on Wednesday we went to the park with Mommy.  KiKi had not ever been on a swing before, and I wanted to show her how much fun it is!  At first she didn’t think it was so good.

How can you not like to swing???  I love it!!!

She got a little used to it after a while.  She started to think it was fun too.

There was a big place to walk and a handle all the way up and down it.  So I walked up and down and up and down a lot! 

KiKi was on the other side, playing on the squishy stuff.  She was walking too, but sometimes she sat down for a minute.

It was a very fun day, but Mommy says next time Daddy has to go too because we can get away too fast from her, and we never go the same direction!


  1. Nice kids.
    You might want to have the little one's legs and hips checked out for possible problems. Most babies are not able to sit like that. Better to be safe then sorry.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great day. Way to go Braska for walking up and down the ramp. That will help you walk sooner hopefully.

    Looks like you and KiKi both had a great time.

    I bet you Mommy does want someone to go next time. She was brave to go by herself. LOL!!



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