Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy’s Angel

Since we have been so sick lately, we haven’t taken many pictures.  And we have been sitting on the couch since we don’t feel like playing much.  So I helped Mommy make a page for me.  Someday we’ll put them all in a book.

KiKi is coming home tomorrow, and I hope we feel better.  Maybe we’ll take some more pictures in a few days.


  1. Absolutely precious!!!!!

  2. HI There, this is a note for your mommy! I've popped in now and then to see how you are doing! you are such a good girl,
    rk- Ive been reading this blog called and she has just had a baby girl who was diagnosed with DS, I thought I would pass on a link to Braska bear and she can see how great Nebrakska is doing and how getting a diagnosis of DS isn't as scary as you might think when you are first told

    you have done such an amazing job of being a mother when you were given a difficult challange, and realised that you can get past the diagnosis and see the beautiful child you have been blessed with

    thank you for blogging you are an inspiration to parents out there who may worry about the health of a newly diagnosed baby, it can be scary if you don't understand the condition and when you do you realise that your child is completely normal and wonderful

    one of my best friends has a son who has DS and he's 9, the only thing we were worried about when he was born was his health, as you know the heart problems are scary and thankfully he is competley normal, not a thing wrong with him!! and we were so thankful, but the days leading up to the tests were worrying for his parents if they had your blog to read then, they would have had their minds eased!!

    well done

    Louise xx


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