Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty Zoe

Mommy and I are trying to tell lots of people about Zoe. She lives far away and doesn't have a mommy and daddy. Mommy told about her more on her blog, so you can go read about it there. Her birthday is almost the same as mine!

Grab This Button

From the Reece’s Rainbow site:
~Beautiful blonde hair and a glowing personality. She is healthy, with no heart condition. She is fully functional...walking, active, many words, able to eat and dress with minimal assistance, and an orphanage favorite.
~She is facing the institution, please consider adopting Zoe!
~More photos available, please inquire.
~We have many children waiting in this same orphanage who can be adopted together. Children in this orphanage are not held much past the age of 4, so we need a family quickly.

Here's what we want to ask you...
1. Prayerfully consider if Zoe might be waiting for YOU specifically. Do you have a place in your family for her? You may not feel you have much to offer, but is a family not better than an institution for a 4-year-old??

2. Can you give just $21 to Zoe’s fund? If you are unable to adopt her yourself, can you share this minimal amount with the family who WILL come for her? There are so many families who desperately want to adopt but simply do not have the finances to do so. Can you help THEM if you’re not in a position to bring her to your home? You’ll see a Chip-In box in the right margin under Zoe’s button. Donations are tax deductible.

3. Will you post Zoe’s button on your blog or Facebook page, asking others these same questions? The code for the button is in the right margin.

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