Saturday, March 6, 2010

Me 'n Jack: Giggle movie

When Jack was here yesterday, we had a lot of fun laughing about stuff that Mommy and Miss Julie don't know about. It's like our little secret. Mommy showed me that she caught us on a movie while we were laughing. So I thought I'd show you how silly we are.

(Mommy note: Make sure you hang in there til at least the 1:12 point...that's when the best part started. You'll notice the shaky picture as I was cracking up and trying to hold it in so they wouldn't stop.)


  1. I think it says something about how comfortable Jack is at your house by the way he removes all foot coverings as soon as he gets in the door and puts socks down the laundry chute! You two are sooo silly!!

  2. oh my gosh! what a cute video! and their giggles are wonderful - how fun to get a sneak peek in to their play date :)


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