Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another new doctor

I met Dr. R today, and he was really nice. Mommy tell you more information tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you that things went pretty good today. Mommy seemed pleased with the stuff the doctor said.
Here's a few pictures....
Me waiting for the doctor. (We didn't wait long, it was just a few seconds!)
Here's what I was looking at while I was waiting in the room on the table. (I played with the paper again!!)
And we parked on the Kangaroo!
I'm tired, so it's bedtime. Mommy will tell you more tomorrow.


  1. Looks like you had an exciting day! Maddy will show you how to hop like a kangaroo some day, she is practically a profressional kangaroo hopper you know! Have fun with Grandma C! Karen K

  2. OOOO Kangaroos are neat! I'm glad you liked your new dr!

  3. Great picture! Glad you didn't have to wait long!

    Love ya,
    Papa Beagle


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