Thursday, July 5, 2007

Crazy boys!

Tonight we went to see Mr. Marc, Miss Ann, and Ben and Mathias... oh, and Kaylee! She's a little teeny tiny new baby. Mommy says I was that little not long ago, but I think she's not good at remembering, because I haven't been a little baby for a long time.

Pop played with Ben and Mathias alot, and they got very silly and loud. I just stayed out of the way.

Later, Pop was poking me with a big thing... he is like that sometimes. I'm used to it.

Thanks Mr. Marc and Miss Ann for having us for dinner! It was a fun time!


  1. that looks like fun :) My boys are crazy too.
    What a gorgeous little girl...!! She looks really delicious.
    I meant to comment here after you visited my blog a while ago but don't think I ever got round to it - sorry!

  2. Braska, my daddy likes to do that stuff too!! love, Delphine :)

  3. Mrs. Wibbs--Thanks for coming over to say hi!

    Delphine--Mommy says daddies can be pretty silly sometimes, so maybe there's more than just yours and mine. Hi to Dominic too!


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