Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More exercise

Miss Robin came today, and she had alot of stuff for me to do. I did show her how I could roll over. Mommy was surprised since I had only showed Pop how I like to roll all over. But I thought Miss Robin would want to see how good I was doing. And she got all excited and said I was doing really good! I thought it was funny that I played a little trick on Mommy. But I will be nice and not tease her anymore.

Miss Robin made me sit up for a while, and I don't like it so much. Then she put me in this new pillow thing that Mommy got from Miss Janet called a Boppy, and I like sitting up with that around me a little better. I can lean forward some and play with toys, but it's better because I don't fall on my nose!

She had a neat new musical toy too, and I liked it alot.

Miss Robin also told Mommy that I was doing so much better with my eyes and not playing with my hands so much. I still like them, but since I can roll around so much, I found out that there's alot of other stuff to see!


  1. Way to go, Braska! I just emailed your mommy to tell her I showed off your pictures in my handheld last night. Keep on getting stronger and show off every chance you get! At your age it's applauded. At my age it is frowned upon!

    Love ya,
    Papa Beagle

  2. You are doing so great Little B! Hope to see you soon- Karen K

  3. Papa Beagle--Thanks for showing my pictures. See you next week.

    Miss Karen K--Maybe we can swim this weekend with Maddy and Gracie!

  4. You are learning so much, Little Miss. It will be good to see you next week. You will be crawling before I know it.

  5. You are doing so great Braska!!! You've had such a busy few days! I can't wait to see what's next!


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