Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun-nancy-all planning

This morning Miss Robin came and worked me alot! She made me do stuff I don't like, but Mommy says it will help me grow big and strong. (That's what she always says, but I just don't know.) We worked on sitting up with a bench again, like I did with Miss Judy yesterday. It's kind of neat. They put toys on a little tiny table thing that I can sit at and if I put my hands on the table, I can kind of hold myself up. Maybe it will be a fun thing sometimes. I also spent a little bit of time playing with my legs and feet. Everyone seems to want me to do that for some reason.

This afternoon, Mommy, Pop, and I went to see Mr. Jim. Mommy and Pop say he is the smartest guy when it comes to how to take care of our money and make good plans for when I'm bigger. He is really nice, and Mommy said I'm going to get to go and play with his family sometime soon. I'm sure that will be fun times!
Check out Pop's post about our visit with Mr. Jim.


  1. Okay, this confirms it. I thought it when I saw your Pop's post about Jim and then when I saw your post, I knew it was absolutely true. Are you sure your parents want to put all their confidence in a man who has THE LONGEST THUMB IN THE WORLD? It's like a foot long. Still you are the cutest baby ever. And even though Robin makes you work, you will thank her for it later.

  2. I forgot to mention, very clever post title.


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