Saturday, July 14, 2007

Simple Saturday

Before I talk about today, I have to say thank you to Miss Laura who took us to dinner last night at a very nice place. She is Mr. Bip's friend, but she always makes sure to visit with Mommy and Pop too, which is nice. So now, she gets to see me too!

Today I spent the morning with Pop while Mommy and Miss Laura went to a place they called the Farmer's Market. Then Mommy and I worked around the house to get things cleaned up. Seems like we have to do that alot! It was a pretty simple day, since Pop was gone most of the day to Miss De's card shop for some game stuff. We did get in the pool, me and Mommy, for a while, but we didn't take any pictures. Mommy said it's not good to get the camera wet. We did take some other pictures later, but they were on a different camera, and Mommy says she can't find the thing she needs to get the pictures onto the computer. So I'll have to show you the pictures later.

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