Friday, July 13, 2007

On the move

Finally I'm showing Mommy all about how I can roll around.

I can go from the couch to Mommy's chair in her room really quick. In Pop's room, I can go from the couch to the TV before he even notices! That is...if they put me the right way. I only like to go one way. If they put me the wrong way, I just run into the couch and have to tell them that I don't like that very much at all. If I get turned around, I roll under Mommy's chair really quick. Today she had to climb out the side of the chair because she said she would smash me if she put the foot down to get out of it.

This morning, we went on the bank run, and we went shopping at a store we don't usually go to. Mommy's friends are telling her alot that she should go to this place and save money. Let's play a game! Can any of you tell which place it is? Miss Mindy? Miss Karen K? Miss Sara?

When we got back from the store, Mommy gave me some big people applesauce, and I really like it! She says I never do this for other food.

I even opened my mouth before she was ready with more food! So she says we'll be having more applesauce whenever I want. Yummy!


  1. I call Georgia Booger too! hahahah Great video!!!! And isn't it so satisfying when they open their mouth for you???

  2. That is so cool. She is getting fast and creative. Love the new look too. The pics up there are amazing.

  3. Just wait til you try pork chops. Even better than applesauce. And I like the new look of your website. Very nice

  4. Yahoo for Aldi!!! Way to chow down Braska, and I love all your new moves. You keep your mama busy, thats a good girl! Karen K

  5. I give the rolls a 10! You'll be roaring around the house in no time!

  6. Miss Trixie--Tell Georgia Hi for me!

    Miss Christina--I've got to get fast so I can chase Vince!

    Grandma C--You keep telling me about pork chops. Maybe we'll try some next weekend.

    Miss Karen K--I think we'll go back to Aldi again. I liked it since it was kind of quiet.

    Uncle Ryan!!!--Thanks for coming to say hi! I'll see you next weekend and show my rolling for you at your house.

  7. ARgh, Karen beat me to it. Aldi is a great place to shop. I even get to shop at one over here! The rolling Nebraska is impressive. Mia also only rolled one direction ;) She was over a year before she figured out there was a whole other direction.

  8. Yay, watch out world here she comes!!! Oh yeah, I LOVE the 6 month pictures at the top, those are SO cute!!!

  9. That is a gal on the move! Applesauce is for athletes--should be perfect for the roller. I like your new layout.


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