Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kickin' it with Pop

This weekend I got to spend alot of time with my Pop, and that was pretty fun. I don't get to play with him as much as I'd like to, so it was lots of good times!

Mommy and I worked around the house again and ran to some different places. While we were waiting, I played with my toys, and Mommy thought it was funny.

Then she got ready to go to Miss Angie's wedding, and she and Miss Janet went without us kids.

So I stayed to play with Pop for the rest of the day. I even showed him I could roll all the way from the couch to the TV in his room. He thought I'd stay put, but he turned around while I was on the couch with him, and I rolled over, but the couch wasn't as big as I thought, so I landed on the floor. When Mommy called to see if I was being good, he told her about it and she got excited that I was rolling so much. I bet she's gonna want me to show her all about it when she gets back.

We slept in a little today, or at least Pop and I did, so we went to church later today. I was in a pretty good mood during church, so I was telling Pop all about what I wanted to do today and he decided we needed to go out of the big room while we were talking. We went out where some of the friends were and chatted with them a while. I got to see Miss Debbie, and she's the one that gave me my outfit that I was wearing today!

(I had to sneeze...excuse me.)

After church we got to see my friend Olivia and her mommy Miss Jennifer.

We all decided to go to lunch at Toro, and Maddy and Grace came too with their parents. Miss Martha wasn't at Toro, so that was sad. I got a little tired of sitting after the parents were done eating, so Pop took me out to the water place by Toro. It's very nice and I felt better. He was practicing Pop and Braska with me. That's where he puts my hand on me and says "Braska" and then puts my hand on his nose and says "Pop." It's a pretty fun game.

When we got home from lunch, we got in the pool for a while. And I mean all of us, Mommy, Pop, me, and even Belle!

Pop put her in the boat, and she didn't seem to mind too much until she got a little hot in the sun. It was pretty fun. The water was warm, and I figured out that if I hit the water with my hand or my foot then it makes the water jump and make noise. That's fun to do! Mommy called it splashing, and we did alot of it.

Sometimes we just float and rest, and that's nice too. Mommy tried to keep me in the little part where the sun didn't get in my eyes so bad, but when the tree moves sometimes the sun gets me.

After we're done, it's nice to sit in the sun for a bit and dry off. Mommy always reminds me after we get done in the pool that we are supposed to be thankful that we have it to play in. We share it with lots of people since God has let us use it, not just for us.

Later in the afternoon, Grace, Maddy, and Ali P came over to swim with their parents, but I was busy getting food in my tummy, so I didn't get to go in again. Maybe next time they come...


  1. Future Rockette? I love the picture of 'Braska and Belle floating in the pool. Ahhh, I miss the pool. Yesterday it hit 100 and no AC in the apartment!!

  2. Too cute little Braska bear! I love your style - or better yet, your mommy's style in dressing you up! You are so adorable! Love Auntie V

  3. We will have to swim again real soon! I see your new floaty fits you well. See you tonight, little B! Karen K

  4. Miss Mary--I wish you could come swim with us.

    Auntie V--I do have lots of cute clothes from lots of neat people. Mommy always tells me she wishes she had such a well-dressed closet!

    Miss Karen K--You guys can come swim anytime. Thanks for coming to visit tonight.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend. Nice to get a way for a while without the diaper bag I bet you.

  6. That pool looks very refreshing! I love your sneeze picture - very cute!!!

  7. As usual this is the 10th time I have opened this post, just so I can look adoringly at your pictures, Little Miss.

  8. Lovely lovely pictures, Braska Bear, it sure looks like you had a fun week end!!
    RK - have bookmarked you on my blogroll, hope that's ok...


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