Sunday, July 29, 2007

Church friends, pictures, and silliness

Today after church, lots of people came up to see me and Grandma C. Miss Jo came over to give me hugs. She's tough like me when it comes to hospitals and doctors and stuff, so we had stuff to talk about. Everyone is always so nice at Grandpa John's church.... Hi South Side friends!
After we left church, the whole family put on shirts with my name on them that Grandma C and Miss Karen got for all of us, and we took a picture. I can't show it to you yet, because it's going to be used later by Grandma C and Grandpa J... so you'll have to wait. But here's our little family part of it. I was pretty tired of smiling.

For some reason, somebody thought I should sit on Cooper. He didn't seem to mind, so that's good, but I thought my hand was still the better entertainment.

We went to Miss Cindy's again after the pictures, and we had lunch and played over there. I didn't get in the pool this time, but we sat and watched the others play for a while before we came home. It's always nice to be over there. Thanks Miss Cindy!!! Hi Snugs and Dudley! (That's her cute doggies.)
When we got home from the long trip, I played with Pop a bit. It was really fun.

Tonight Grammy Jan, Papa Beagle, and Auntie Julia come to visit for the whole week! They're gonna help Mommy do alot of things and they're gonna play with me a whole bunch. I'll tell you more about that later.


  1. The three of you look great in your "Braska" shirts! Have fun visiting with your relatives!

  2. Your laughter is awesome. I laughed and laughed myself, just hearing you laugh.

  3. I love your laughter! Que bella!!!

  4. Hey good to see you! I love seeing you laugh. Nothing better! Hope to visit with you some time soon. Karen K

  5. You are just too cute for words!! So are your parents! Love, Aunt Valerie

  6. I love the Nebraska shirts! What a good dog to let you ride on her back!

  7. Miss Melissa--We are having a good time with Grammy and Papa!

    Grandma C--I'm glad I could make you laugh too.

    Miss Mayte--Thanks for coming over to say hello! Hope you'll come back!

    Miss Karen K--Sorry we didn't get to see you guys yet this week. You should come swim more often with the girls. No one is using the pool!!

    Aunt Valerie--I think my parents are cute too!

    Miss Amy--Cooper's a pretty good dog, and he lets us do about anything to him.

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  9. What is with men wanting to tickle babies til they can't breathe, huh? LOL! My DH does this to our poor baby!


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