Thursday, July 26, 2007

Retropost: Fun with the F family

7/20 and 7/21/2007

While Pop went with his brothers and Grandpa J for a getaway, Mommy and me picked up Auntie Rachel and went to see Grammy Jan and Papa Beagle and the Squeaks. (That's what Mommy and the older ones call Aunties Julia and Joy and Uncle Ryan, because they are alot younger...but they don't look young to me. They're big kids, 18, 16, and 12 by the end of this year.) These are just some pictures of us playing and stuff at their house.

Papa Beagle got down on the floor with me while I was napping. Auntie Joy likes to talk to her friends on the computer alot!

Auntie Julia played with me some while Mommy was making me practice my exercises.

I didn't like being on the Boppy that way, so I figured out how to roll even on it! Mommy was surprised that I could do it.

Mommy makes me practice sitting up, and I don't much like it. But I did try a little, and she was happy about that.

After all that work, I took a bath with Grammy Jan in the kitchen! I even practiced sitting in there. All that warm water felt so good!

We didn't get to stay very long, but it was nice to see them. Grammy Jan also worked with me on eating, and she made me some yummy carrots and let me eat a real banana that she mushed, and I liked it! I'm sure I'll practice some more when Grammy, Papa Beagle, and Auntie Julia come to spend the week with us next week.


  1. It sure looks like you had fun! It was fun to see you here the other day and I can tell all that practicing is making you so big and strong. You are doing really great! Have a good weekend! Karen K

  2. You are such a busy girl. And you look great.

  3. Well, little miss Braska, we were thoroughly DELIGHTED to have you with us.. with Mommy and Auntie Rachel! Thanks for writing the captions for mommy's pics. I think YOU AND I LOOK GREAT TOGETHER AS WE NAPPED!

    See you soon!

    Papa Beagle

    PS: OK, I was playing possum.... but YOU were snoozing!


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