Monday, July 16, 2007

My first ballgame and a new friend!!

This morning Miss Judy came to see me. She asked Mommy lots of questions and tried to get me to do all kinds of things. I think it was one of those evaluashuns again. Mommy says I did good. And I heard Miss Judy say that I was a whole different baby than two weeks ago. I don't know how I did that, I thought I was just me still, but Mommy says it's a good thing. Our pictures from this morning didn't look very good, so no pictures of Miss Judy's visit today.

Tonight Mommy, Pop, and me went to a big place with dirt on it and a bunch of guys were throwing a little ball at each other. Mommy says it's called softball, but the ball didn't look soft to me. Mr. Skip was playing. He works with Pop, so we went to watch him play.
(That's Mr. Skip if you can see him.)
While we were watching the game, there was a nice girl there looking at me and smiling at me. She was very cute. Her name is Addy.
Her mommy was there, and I think her grandma was there to see her grandpa play ball too. They were all very friendly to Mommy and Pop. Maybe we'll see them again sometime at a game.

At the place where the games were, we saw some very pretty flowers, too.


  1. Ball games are fun. You should see if your Mommy and Pop will take you to a Cubbies game. Now that is just awesome.

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! We'll have to play soon- Karen K

  3. Of course the girl was nice! You are so darn cute, how could she not be! Also, I watched your rolling video a couple posts ago- Great job!

  4. Hey wee one. I still can't seem to get your videos, but I can't wait to see you "on the move" in person. It sounds like you are continuing to grow, experience new things and meet lots of wonderful friends. I miss and love you and can't wait to see you.


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