Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BIG learning

Sometimes I watch things on the TV that Mommy says help me learn. I like Baby Einstein shows and I have a new show that teaches me letters. Mommy calls it Love and Learning. I like that one the best! Mommy loves how much I watch the letters so close when they're on. There's a book that goes with it and we read that every day too. I like it alot, which makes Mommy surprised since it's so simple, she says.

Today I got to watch my shows on Pop's TV for the first time. And it is a BIG TV! The pictures were really big, and I thought that was neat!

See how big it is?!

This afternoon we went to the store for food shopping. The lady who helped us at the place where they cut the turkey that we get for Pop's sandwiches was really nice. And there was another lady there who was getting turkey too, and she was talking to me while I was waiting with Mommy. Then another lady came over and talked to us too. Mommy says they just came to see me, and I think that's nice. I hope the lady is there again when we go next week!


  1. Daddy got a big screen....i am sooo jealous! Aunt V

  2. I just heard about that love and learning video a couple weeks ago. I should get it for G, where'd you find it? That boppy is REALLY pretty, by the way...matches Braska!

    And I LOVE the new blog design. Love those pictures SOOOOOOOO much!

  3. Trixie--Our local DS Network has the L&L kits to borrow, so I'm trying it out from them, and so far I like it, mostly because she really likes it. We'll probably be getting them for ourselves soon.

  4. Oh, and Auntie V--It is an awfully big screen, and we saved up to buy it when we bought our house almost 4 years ago. It's his baby.


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