Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lunchtime and showtime

Most days when Pop comes home from work for lunch, Mr. Tom comes too. They watch shows and eat lunch, and I usually get to hang out with Pop for a little while since Mommy is fixing lunch....and that's what I did today.
Tonight Mr. Randy, Miss Karen, Maddy and Gracie came over to watch our shows. They watch singing shows with Mommy and Pop. Mr. Curt and Miss Sara might come sometimes too.


  1. Don't forget to mention the fantastic homemade ice cream you had. I believe your exact words were, "wow mommy I like this more than banana pudding!" Flavor of the week: Cookies and Cream with extra cookies for dipping and crunching! Karen K

  2. Lucky dad to get to come home and eat lunch with you!


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