Friday, February 22, 2008

Another new trick and new friends

On Thursday Mommy and I did some work around the house. While I was waiting in the big comfy chair for her, I started to feel my hair do some funny stuff. Mommy came to see what I was trying to tell her about and this is what she found.

Can you see my hair sticking out? (Click on the pictures to make them bigger if you can't see.) It was so funny. Mommy said it was stadi-kling or something like that. Every time we sit in that chair, we make all kinds of pops and snap noises when we get up.

While Mommy was working today, I was practicing a surprise for her, but she caught me doing it. I found another fun new trick to do. Mommy does it alot when she says, "Yay Braska" when I do good things. I did it alot that day and I'm getting better at it already. Mommy didn't have the camera right there, so she took a movie with her phone. That's why it's a fuzzy movie.

Thursday night Mommy and I went to the DSN meeting, that's where there are other kids who have the extra special chromosome like me and their parents get together to talk about stuff and learn new things. Mommy told her story about it just below. This is me with some of my new friends.

That's me and Sophie sitting with her mommy Miss Jen, then there's Sarah with the pretty hair and glasses like me, and there's Madison with her mommy Miss Colleen. Madison and Sophie are going to be coming to my house in a couple weeks to play with some friends for a new fun playgroup. It's gonna be fun!


  1. Yay Braska! Clapping! How fun!

    And how nice to have some new friends to play with!

  2. What beautiful friends you have made. Oh, and guess what? My hair does the same thing!!

  3. Yeah, Braska! Can you hear me clapping for you? I'll show you in a few weeks. Love you!!

  4. what a sweet bunch of new friends Braska - they look like they will be lots of fun to play with...and you can clap for all of their accomplishments too!

  5. Wow, you are too cute and clapping, that is so fun!


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