Monday, February 11, 2008

New games, fun friends

This morning Miss Judy came to see me. We played some fun games like we always do. She said that I am ready for some new games. She told Mommy that she should put things that I like in big bowls for me to grab out. Miss Judy tried to show Mommy, but she didn't really have any good things that I wanted in the bowl, so I didn't grab any out. She did have a neat stick to bang with, so I just turned the bowl over so I could bang on it with the stick. Now that's fun.

After Miss Judy left, Mommy got a bowl out and put some of my toys in there. I reached in and took them all out right away and turned the bowl over again. Mommy says we'll keep practicing.

Olivia came over to play with me today, too. She helped me play in my bouncy chair, and I bounced kind of high. It didn't scare me though.

Then Olivia's daddy came over and me and Daddy had dinner with them while Mommy went to a party with Olivia's mommy. I even let Olivia wear one of my bows in her hair to look pretty!


  1. Braska, Rhett says he would much rather just turn the bowl over and bang on it too.....and another little secret he wants to pass on......SHAPE SORTERS SUCK......

    Lot's of hugs to you from Rhett!!

  2. SO cute! Why do older kids/toddlers love flinging around babies in their jolly jumpers? My son Ian makes Eric fly up so high in his!

  3. Was it a purple bow? I think we have it still! I thought it looked like Braska's, but wasn't sure. It just appeared and I thought it might have been from Grandma! Oops! We'll get that to you! Thanks for being so good w/ Olivia. She loves you all and especially Braska! :)


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