Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New trick!

On Tuesday morning, Miss Robin came to see me. Miss Alyssa came to watch too. She's my new friend that's hanging out with us some to learn more about families with kids that are special like me. She goes to the big college here. Miss Robin made me sit up on her knees, and she made them all wobbly so it was hard to stay up! But I did it!

Then, when Daddy was home for lunch, he decided to share some of his pudding with me. Mommy was trying to get him to be careful so there wouldn't be a mess, but he said I should get to play. Mommy just made funny faces every time I got this stuff on my shirt. I did think it was ok, but I only ate a tiny bit. Then I stuck my tongue out a Daddy.

As soon as we were done with the pudding, Mommy took my shirt off right away so she could clean it up. Daddy just laughed at Mommy.

When Daddy got home from work, he took a nap on the couch in the girls' room. I was playing on the floor and decided to show Mommy something.

This is kind of fun, doing things and moving around more. I think I like it!

Tuesday night they guys came over to play Magic with Daddy. I've had a messy nose for a few days. It's got all kinds of icky sticky stuff coming out of it. So Mommy was cleaning out my nose on the dresser where she changes my diapers. I didn't like that at all, and I started yelling at her alot. She picked me up and cuddled me for a minute. Then she put me back down and said she wanted to change my diaper, but I started yelling, because I thought she was gonna mess with my nose again! So she picked me up, and I stopped yelling. Then she tried one more time, and she kept saying she was gonna change my diaper, but I didn't care. I just tried to tell her I didn't want to be on that dresser for her to mess with my nose! Then Daddy came back to see what was happening, because I don't ever yell like that. When I saw him come in, I just reached real fast to grab his shirt so he would take me. He thought that was pretty good, because I don't usually do that. But I knew he wasn't going to bother my nose. He laughed and told Mommy that I had told her what for. I'm not sure what that means, but I just wanted Daddy to save me from Mommy's nose cleaning.

I went out and sat with Daddy while he played for a while.
Mommy came to see if I was feeling better, and I didn't reach for her like I always do, because I wasn't sure it was safe yet. But in a little while, I was ready for Mommy again, so we made up all nice and I got a clean diaper. I think she got the message, though!

Here's a picture that Mommy and Daddy like alot, so I thought I'd show you too. I'm pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

This morning, this is how Mommy found me when she came to get me out of bed.
I keep pushing myself back because I'm trying to sit up again, but I don't always get my feet in the right place. I just laid there and waited for her to get me, playing with my blanket.


  1. I laughed out loud, at Braska hanging out of her crib! That is just too funny!

    And wow is she growing up - moving around so well! Stronger & stronger every day (and, opinionated about her nose, too, it sounds like!)

  2. Wow, this is great Nebraska. You are one in a million. I got tears in my eyes watching you sit up. I didn't let them trickle down my face though. I love the fact that you get stuck in your crib and don't fuss, but if you have to have your nose wiped, you scream. That is kind of goofy little one. Tell your mom how much I appreciate the stories. Today it is so icy down here that I stayed at home instead of going to work. Have a great day Little Miss.

  3. Well if that's not cute, I don't know what it.
    Love the crib shot!

  4. I had to show my co-worker the picture of her in the crib! Oh my gosh I really appreciate that laugh today.

    You are sitting so well!! Yay!!

    Delphine hates having her nose poked at too!

  5. The best part of this blog post was the final picture. Too funny. The more I read this post the harder I was laughing.

    The video was wonderful. Good job Braska. Nice work with the hands to get back up to the sit.

    Hilarious how Belle worked her way into the final frames of that video... don't forget me!

    And magic? Like the kind on tv shows? cool!

  6. Cute braska . . .cute dog . . .silly picture of braska hanging out of her crib. that could win an award I think!! Good job on the sitting up!!

  7. I left out loud too! That last picture is HILARIOUS!!! And the 2nd to last is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :)

  8. Um. I mean LAUGHED out loud. I've been doing that mumbojumble word thing a lot lately! :)

    I actually LAUGHED out loud and called Alex in to see the picture! :)

  9. Oh my Braska. I am so proud of you. You are doing such a great job. I think you will be standing before too long! Your crib picture is a dandy. You kind of reminded me of the witch's legs in Wizard of Oz except yours wasn't underneath a house.

  10. Michelle--Me and M got the giggles at that crib picture too.

    Carole--Pretty exciting, isn't it? She'll probably perform for you this weekend.

    Nancy-Thanks! I vote for cute too!

    Melissa--Awww, thanks. Showing off my kiddo. I love it!

    Tommy's Mommy--Belle does get jealous. I do think sometimes she plans her entry into the action just at the right time. And Magic is the geek-famous game of trading/playing abra cadabra here.

    Beans--That's high award! :o)

    Tricia--I love the face pic too...just mesmerizing to a proud Mommy.

    Skye--You're right...she's getting interested in the standing more each day.

  11. Braska, you are doing great - you keep practicing that sitting up trick and before long, mom won't even have time to get the camera - you'll be up from the floor in seconds flat!

    And I agree with your Grandma C - yelling for a little assistance at times is a good thing, and having your legs stuck is one of those times (not necessarily when mommy is cleaning the nose)...but then we wouldn't get to enjoy the goofy pictures then huh.

  12. I loved the video! She was so determined and just kept trying and trying until she succeeded! A whole new world for her now that she can sit up on her own! ;)

    and the crib pic? Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

    My hubby used to play Magic and he has thousands upon thousands of cards that he really, really needs to sell (he doesn't play anymore so there is no need for them to take up permanent residence in our house where we have no room!) LOL Do you think your hubby wants any of these cards?! :)

  13. Well, Braska, you are showing your determination, for sure; whether it's not wanting your nose cleaned up or that you DO want to sit up. You're certainly one smart sweetie peach!
    Looks like you're ready for that bumper pad to go so you can learn to grab the bars to pull up:o) I am SO proud of you...and love hearing your mommy laugh in the background!

  14. When you told the story of her legs, my imagination of how she looked dangling out of the crib just was no where near this. Oh My! Guess what? Sophie has the same crib mirror, only she uses it on the floor for tummy time usually.

  15. Jessie--You're right...I miss pics already because I'm too slow to the camera.

    Michelle--M's way excited. We'll be in touch!

    Grammy--We'll be moving the crib mattress down to it's lowest level soon, just to be safe.

    Jennifer--Mirror twinkies! Great moms think alike! (Actually, ours was a gift, but still...)

  16. Ha,Ha That last picture of Braska hanging out her crib is so funny!

  17. i am sooo excited for braska sitting up all by herself!! isnt it a wondeful feeling as a mother? such a proud moment!! great job braska! we are proud of you here in iowa!

  18. That is hilarious!! YAY Braska, sitting up from laying down is a hard skill to master and you did it!!!!! I love the close up picture of her face, very pretty girl!!!

  19. Wow, that was the cutest video yet! Good job catching the first time on video!! You must be so proud!

  20. Congrats Nebraska! You made me cry happy tears! I love the picture of you hanging out of your crib. My son cries when I clean his nose too! Thanks for the laughs and keep up the good work.


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