Monday, February 25, 2008

Mommy report: Two down, two to go

We're in St. Louis again today. This morning we saw the audiologist for another hearing test, and then we saw Dr. M, the ENT.

The hearing test went just like last time. She doesn't respond to her name from a strange voice through a distorted speaker. Surprise, surprise. She was obviously hearing it, as she reacted to the sound like she does to strange noises, but she doesn't look toward it. So it doesn't count. But that's ok. I expected it, and it's all good. The tympanogram showed no movement in both ears, but that's also no surprise. On a typical kid, that would indicate fluid in the ears, but since DS often causes the ear canals to be super tiny and narrow, it's to be expected. Since we are quite sure she's hearing well, she responds to very low voices in everyday activities, and she's never had the slightest bit of ear issue or sickness, we just get to come back in three months to check again.

Dr. M, the ENT, put her under the microscope again. (In case you forgot what that looks like.) He cleaned out some wax while she screamed hysterically, but the final word is that both ears are clear, no fluid. He said he's 100% sure on one side and about 80% sure on the other, as he couldn't see quite all of the TM(eardrum). But he was comfortable in letting her go for another 3 months. He said we are "way above the curve" in that we haven't had any sinus, cough, cold, or ear issues in 15 months...just the runny nose of this past week, and that's just plain amazing in the world of DS in general. Since we have no concerns about her hearing or speech at this point, he's fine to let us wait on tubes, although he reminded us that they are way common, and we know that. I don't mind doing it when she needs them, but I'm glad for now she doesn't.

Now we hang out for a couple hours in the atrium cafe while I work and she sneaks a short nap, then we see the eye doctor at 1:00 pm. Then we head across town to the kids eye center where we can get her glasses adjusted. Hopefully we'll head home this evening if all goes well.


  1. So glad she doesn't need the tubes. Gabi didn't get hers until she was 7 yrs old. She never had any ear infections, but she was failing the hearing test because of fluid in her ear canals. I need to take her back because she is starting to get REALLY loud again. I bet those darn tubes are out!

  2. Glad things are going well. Have a safe trip and we'll see you tomorrow.

  3. Great report! I was listening on the phone (sneaky papa beagle) as you told grammy about the good news. Have a safe trip home and keep us posted!

  4. glad all went ok!!! hope you make it home safe. its snowing here AGAIN....

  5. Sounds like things are going well. It is great that you have access to such terrific health care for Braska.

  6. Glad to hear the check-ups went well.... As for the Tubes in her ears, I have pros and cons on them. My son had very bad ear infections between the ages of 1 1/2 to 4 yrs. old, we put in tubes @ 2 yrs. old and they never functioned properly. I think they were too small for his ears and always clugged with ear wax ( No thanks to his father's but he is fine now... Hopefully Braska won't need them.. Keep up the great job with "Germ Control" ...
    Have a great day!
    Carrie :p


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