Friday, February 1, 2008

Ball, bum, and Belle

On Wednesday, I practiced a new game with Mommy. I play it at night with my Pop sometimes. It's pretty fun, and Miss Judy says I'm good at it.

Thursday it started to snow, and it was pretty. We thought it was ok because we didn't have to go anywhere, and Mommy loves snow when she can stay in and watch it. But then Mommy changed my diaper after nap and she saw some blood. So she called Dr. Y and he wanted me to go to the hospital to have a test. When Pop got home from work, he drove us to the hospital in lots and lots of snow.
We checked in without even waiting in line.

Then they took me to do the test. I didn't like it at all. They had to put something in a place I didn't think they should mess with! Mommy told me they needed to check my potty.
Mommy was waiting for me when I was done, but she ran off quick from home and forgot to bring me any diapers, so I sat with her while they went to get me a diaper. I did have a stringy thing on my arm, so I played with it.

I was supposed to see Dr. Y today to talk to him about my test, but he called to tell us the girls that work at his office couldn't get to work because of the snow. So he just told Mommy the first test was ok, and the second one isn't done yet. Mommy was glad we didn't have to get out in all the snow today.

When we let Belle out this morning, she got all covered in snow and got upset. See how the pile is up high? Mommy had to clear a little space so Belle would go out to go potty. Silly Belle Boo.
Tonight I played in a basket and I kind of liked it because my toys couldn't get away from me!


  1. Oh my goodness, Braska! Give us a scare, why don't you. I'm glad you're okay.

    And what a fun game - playing ball! Impressive!

  2. Of the three b's like the last and first best. The middle one is kind of scary.

  3. Oh Braska. (Another B!) Sorry about the bum...glad you are ok!!! And wow! You do so well with that ball!!

  4. I love a gal in glasses! It's a great look on Braska.

  5. I'm really glad you are ok - what a scare!

    You look awfully sweet playing in your basket :)

  6. way to go playin ball! she reminds me so much of mayson with those glasses on!!!

  7. Cutie pie... I hope you're all better now! Lots of cuddles

  8. oh my Braska my heart was in my throat reading this. Thank goodness you are home safe.
    I have that same basket. I;ll have to try it out on my little gal.


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