Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Valentines Day

This morning Mommy told me it was Valentine's Day. She told me that's when people get extra-special love and sometimes chocolate. I gave cards to Mommy and Daddy because they are my bestest valentines. Daddy even got me out of bed since I got up before he went to work, and I gave Mommy the card I got her. Daddy did a very nice valentine present for Mommy. You should see it. She put pictures here. It's got lots and lots of pictures of ME!! Mommy cried, but she was giggling. I'm not sure how that works, so I just looked at her funny.

After Daddy went to work, I played a little and did some leg exercises in my bouncy chair. I worked so hard that I fell asleep again!

This time, Mommy got sneaky and took some movie of me bouncing while I was asleep.

We went to the store and got some goodies for Miss Andrea. She's in the hospital because she has two babies in her belly and they're trying to come out even though it's not time yet. Valentine's Day is Miss Andrea's birthday too, so we thought we should take her some candy and say hello. Mr. Chad and Josiah were there too.

Since we were so close to the NICU where I first lived, we went over to see the ladies who used to take care of me. Miss Cyndy and Miss Carla were there. They're my special friends. Miss Carla calls me her snowbaby. She always wears fun socks for holidays. She had Thanksgiving and Christmas socks when she took care of me when I was a tiny baby. Today she had Valentine's socks.

Tonight we stayed home and played. Mommy cooked some dinner and made fresh gwakamolee so I had a little bit, but only from Mommy's finger. I think we're going to Toro soon, so I'll probably have some more there.


  1. That sleeping/bouncing video is priceless. It's so great you got it on video.

  2. OM goodness! That book looked so precious! You are lucky to have a mommy and daddy that love you so much.

    The video of you sleep bouncing is also by far the cutest thing I have seen in a very long time.

    You are a very funny Braska Bear!

  3. No wonder you are so strong -- you even exercise in your sleep!

    Love you, Sweetie Peach!!

  4. I wish I could exercise in my sleep!

  5. Happy Valentines Day Little Braska girl! I love you! Auntie V

  6. Thanks again Braska and RK for coming for a visit. You were such a bright spot in my birthday. Andrea

  7. you certainly are a considerate little gal with the giving of valentines and bringing cheer to friends...

    hope you and the babies continue to stay safe and healthy Andrea

  8. isn't it so sweet that they can fall asleep anywhere? I just LOVE it!

  9. We are glad you had such a great Valentine's Day! Presents, bouncing naps, books, visits, and Valentine socks. Keep eating that gwakamolee!

  10. You oughta tell your mama right off for spying on you and taking sneaky videos of you when you're asleep!! That too naughty! But you've got to explain this one to me: how do you DO that?!?! I mean I know girls can multitask but IN YOUR SLEEP??? Now that's impressive!!

    You are so very delicious Braska. Say thank you to your mummy for posting this and cheering me up today :o)

  11. Asleep in the bouncer! Braska you are ADORABLE!


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