Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chewy tube

Miss Louise came today. She helps me learn how to tell Mommy stuff and she tries to get me to eat and chew on things. A while back she gave me one of my favorite toys. It's called a chewy tube. It's like Mommy and Daddy's computer cords that I like to play with and chew on, but it's not as dirty and it's squishier. I don't like to put things in my mouth, but I have been playing with my chewy tube a little in my mouth. Usually I just look at it and pull on it, but today I put it in my mouth and closed my mouth on it. It felt kind of good.

Miss Louise and Mommy decided to play mouth games with me but not try to get me to eat food if I don't want to for a little while. Miss Louise has things that look like floppy hands that she puts her hands inside of. They taste kind of good when she puts her fingers in my mouth to play some mouth games. I tell her when I don't like it, and she lets me take a break. She told Mommy that she can keep giving me food to see if I want it, but if I tell her I don't, then she can just wait til next time. But it's not like they won't keep trying, I bet. They just keep telling me how much I would like food if I would try it. For now, sometimes I'll take bites from Mommy's finger, but that's all. I like the mouth games though, so we'll keep playing those.


  1. First of all...she is just so beautiful! :)

    But you know what's crazy? They keep telling us Georgia is using her mouth TOO much to explore objects. They keep talking about how we have to get her to use her hands more. Sounds like Braska and G should trade a little bit! :)

  2. I like that chewy tube - it's really long. Delphine just has a short one. She is so cute - I know I say that every time, but she really is!

  3. Loved the video! You are one cutie pie for sure!

    Love to all!

  4. That's great, Braska! I wonder if you'd like that tube--or your fingers--with peanut butter and honey on them :o)
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day Little Miss. Thanks so much for the card. You are the best.


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