Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mommy's sick

Mommy's sick today, really sick. So she can't even hold me or anything. Daddy helped me get my story ready today. Here's what I did.

~~I went to work today with Daddy.
~~Miss Yolanda took me around to visit all sorts of people.
~~I saw my friend Miss Cathy.
~~I met Miss Mindy who was really nice and used to watch other kids like me. When she was showing me off to other people, I held onto her real tight to her because I didn’t want to see them as much as I liked being held by her.
~~Dad took me to Miss Karen’s house. I played with Maddy and Grace
~~Grammy came to get me at Miss Karen's and took me home.
~~Mommy was still sick, so I played with Daddy and Grammy tonight.

Sorry we didn't take any pictures, but Mommy usually does that for us. Hope she's better soon!


  1. Awww I hope Mommy is feeling better soon. And don't worry, all the mommy's are somehow the picture takers!

  2. I really hope your Mum is feeling better soon, Braska. You keep being good for Daddy and Grandma!

  3. Tell mommy we hope she feels better soon.

  4. RK, get better soon! Braska, I'm sure you are loving your daddy time. What a great daddy ;)

  5. Hello, Braska! I'm Mindy, I carried you around at your daddy's work when your mommy was sick, do you remember me? We showed everyone your cool pink glasses, and we had some girl talk, and had lots of fun! I just saw that you put me on your blog, and I am very touched, to say the least! I told your daddy thank you and he said to tell you and your mommy on your blog! I wanted to tell you that I think you are a very special girl, and I absolutely loved getting to meet you and spend some time with you! I hope we can be friends! My daughters would love to meet you sometime! They are twins, 4 years old, Jaedyn and Jordan. RK, I hope you are feeling better and even though you weren't here to allow me to get to meet your precious daughter, I want to thank you also. She really touched my heart. My little (well, not so little anymore, she is 24) sister is a special needs kid and I have always felt a connection to all special kids. I also wanted to tell you that just by the blog I can tell what wonderful parents you and Muncher are. There aren't as many good parents out there these days as there should be and Nebraska is a very lucky girl to have you 2 as parents!


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