Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home grown fun

Sunday morning we had some time to play before we got ready for church. So I sat on Daddy for a while and told him about what the bears taught me in my room while Mommy and Daddy were sleeping. The bears tell good stories and teach me stuff while I'm playing in my bed before Mommy comes to get me.

This is the best way to get Daddy to listen. He can't get up and go away til I'm done with him!

When it was time to get dressed, I put on my Valentine's Day dress from Auntie Rachel. It's got a little fuzzy heart on it that's soft. Mommy decided to try a new hair do since my hair gets in my eyes sometimes.

It was kind of like a little bug or something weird on my head. But some people liked it, so I guess it was ok.

Sunday night we went to Toro with our new friends. This is Sophie, and she's pretty fun. She has an extra chromosome like me. She's 7 1/2 months old, but she likes to eat better than me, so she's bigger than me. Mommy says I should learn from her so I can be a big girl too. Isn't she so pretty?!?

Her mommy and daddy, Miss Jen and Mr. Mark, came too, and her big brother Alexander. He likes trains alot, so he got excited when they came by Toro like they always do. We had a nice dinner but I only took one little bite.

On Monday, Daddy didn't have to go to work because of some presidents or something. So we had some family cuddle time in the big bed. Mommy went to the store to get some things and Daddy, Belle, and I went back to sleep for a while.

Later I took a bath and played for a while. It was pretty fun. Lots of splashing and making messes. I liked to feel the water on my tongue, so I kept opening my mouth. Mommy said, "Why can't you do that in your high chair??"

Then Daddy came home and played for a few minutes.

Right after Mommy took the last picture, I leaned forward to get the water spray and I fell right over on my face in the water. I just got floated up and right over! Daddy grabbed me really quick and helped me get all the water out of my mouth. That was kind of scary for me!! You can click here to see another picture and see what Daddy said about it.

Then before bed on Monday, Daddy showed me how to brush my teeth. Mommy got me a toothbrush and baby toothpaste that morning, and she told Daddy it was his job to teach me how to brush because he's a good toothbrusher and takes care of his teeth really good. I didn't think it was fun at first, but he played with me and showed me slow, and Mommy got all excited when I let him brush my teeth for a minute.

Then I decided I would try to help. Daddy said I did really good for my first time. I think it will be fun to have toothbrushing time with Daddy every night!


  1. I love the new hair do - too cute!
    Good job with the teeth brushing -yay!!

  2. I like the hairdo also. You look very good. Of course I like you with your hair down. Nice work with the toothbrush.

  3. I love all the pictures! Braska you are such a beautiful girl!

  4. Ohmygosh, that hair is too cute!!

    And toothbrushing? Dear Braska, I think that's supposed to come after eating! It's time to eat, little girl!

    The tub pictures are so fun, too!

  5. Hey- If you decides you like the tooth brush in your mouth maybe you can get one for feeding. My girls would love to have another reason to use their tooth brushes. We could start a new fad...tooth brush feeding:-) You are too cute Braska!

  6. toooo cute - love the pig tails and I love seeing the baby legs! What a cute picture of Braska, Daddy and The pup sleepin' - president day naps are the best!

  7. looooove the hairdoo. SO CUTE!
    Julia needs some tips from Sophie too.

  8. Braska just when I thought you couldn't get any cuter you somehow did :)) Love the hair and WTG on the toothbrushing.

  9. So cool that daddy can have his own special time of day to help you brush your teeth Braska! We did that at my house too and it worked great!
    I'm so glad that daddy was there to rescue you in the tub when you tried your first dive -- Hurray Daddy!

  10. Look at that big girl...brushing her teeth!! She is so cute!!

    With Love and Hope,

    Jen-William's Mom :)

  11. Sophie says "boy, when they say the camera adds 10 lbs they weren't kidding!"
    Toro Rules! Tell Muncher not to be jealous of the attention she got ;-}


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