Monday, February 25, 2008

Ears and eyes

Today Mommy and I were in St. Louis at the kids hospital where I go to see my doctors. First I'll let Mommy tell her big people part of the story, then I'll show you some pictures of what I did.

Mommy note: We started with ears--audiology and ENT--as you probably read earlier in the post below. In the afternoon, we went to see Dr. S at the Eye Center. I had received a call early this morning that Dr. R was ill and asking if we wanted to see Dr. S instead, as the caller mentioned that she knew we were coming from "far away." I said, "Yes, please," and thanked her for not just bumping us to another day. Turns out, Dr. S is great, so we'll continue to follow with him anyway. He is the optometrist that works closely with Dr. C, the ophthalmologist, who we saw initially and is the head of the department. In summary, Dr. S said the glasses were doing what they were supposed to, the eyes were doing what they were supposed to in response to the glasses, and that we should continue to keep them on her every possible moment of her waking hours. He confirmed and clarified a few questions we had about whether they only helped her with close vision or if they helped with near and far. The bottom line is that they help her muscles to be able to focus without overstraining and thereby crossing her eyes, making nothing clear. This affects her near and far vision, so it's all the time for the glasses. Return visit for eyes in 6 months. We ran to St. John's to get the glasses adjusted, so all appointments made! Now to convince her to leave them on in the car... the important part is this...I went into today expecting to hear that we needed two surgeries...tubes in the ears, and muscle correction in the eys. But we came away with neither and good reports on both!!! God is SO good to provide us wonderful doctors and access to them! We are very blessed and very, very thankful! Back to Braska's story now.

First we went into a little room like a box and it was very very quiet. There was a lady who talked to me from somewhere, but I couldn't see her. There were bells and toys dancing and all kinds of things, and I'm not sure why. Mommy said I was supposed to look at where the lady's voice was coming from, but I knew she wasn't there, so why should I look??

Then we went to see Dr. M. He looks at my ears. While we waited for him for just a minute in the little room, we watched the cars on the big roads. Isn't that neat how you can see them right out there? I thought it was fun so I clapped. I like to clap alot now!

Dr. M made me very mad and scared a little while he was looking in my ears and cleaning them. I don't like it at all when the nurse lady has to hold my head still and Mommy has to hold my hands so that Dr. M can stick a thing in my ear to see what's in there. And it took a long time! I was very mad and told them all about it really loud! But it was all ok as soon as Mommy picked me up. Then I was happy and clapping about it being over.

After we were done, we went downstairs to the place with all the colors and trees and tables where people eat lunch. Mommy and I found a table in a little cubby area that we could sit in for a while. Mommy did some work, but I wanted to help.

Here's me working on the thing where she keeps all her numbers for the girls who help her get work done. She calls it egg-sell.

Here's me working on my stories on the blog.

Then she gave me one of my books and put me back in my wheels. I guess she didn't need my help anymore.

After I took a nap on Mommy and we ate some lunch, we went to see Dr. S. He looks at my eyes. He said I was doing very good with my glasses and that I need to not bother Mommy with taking them off all the time. He has pretty fun lights that he shows me up high and down low and all around. I have to turn my head all around to follow where he's putting the pretty lights. But he said I did a good job.

Then we went over to the other place about eyes where I got my glasses. Mr. Terry helped me get my glasses to fit better and he was fast. So we got back in the car to go back to Grandma C's to get our stuff to go home.

When we got back there, we found out that we weren't going to make it home before the snow came at our house, so we decided to wait here at Grandma's until tomorrow so we can go home in the daytime when we can see the roads better.


  1. You are so going to be a geek when you get bigger. Just like your mommy and daddy.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I laughed at the picture of Braska doing her blogging. Seriously? That is just way too cute!

    Glad to hear all the doc appts went to well! I'd clap for that, too!

  3. you sure do know what you are doing with that computer biggin...glad those glasses help you to see the work that is before you!

  4. Woo hoo, surgeries! :)

  5. Nice egg-sell worksheet work Braska, I betcha mommy appreciated the help! :)

    Good job on your eyes, great news!

    My mommy just LOVES how adorable you are!!! do I...

  6. I ALWAYS wanted to see a picuture of you ACTUALLY BLOGGING! Terrific! I will have to show this (and your other new pictures) to a bunch of people... at church, at work, etc. I have a TON of your pics on my Axim!

    So glad you tolerated the Doc in your ears and got so many good reports!

  7. I'm glad you had a good day at the doctors' offices. Good news!! I'm glad you stayed with Grandma C instead of going home in the snow, too. I'll bet Grandma C was happy, too!
    Love you!

  8. Glad the appointments went so well. I'm glad you have such good doctors. It makes all the difference. Yay to no surgeries!!!!

    Braska, you always look so cute in your pictures. It was nice to see a picture of you working on your blog. lol!

  9. Love the blogging pictures, and Yay for no surgeries needed!

  10. You keep beating the odds of "No to Surgeries" because we know that God answers all of our prayers even if it's not what we pray for but in this case, we are VERY HAPPY for you Braska (RK and M)....
    Hope you had a safe trip home today... Tell mommmy and daddy to throw a snow ball for me....
    Hugs and Kisses~
    Carrie :p

  11. Life is always so busy eh?

    You are a great blogger Braska!!

    And Rhett is awfully smitten with you!!


  12. The pictures of Braska on the computer are so cute. So glad you got good news on the eyes and ears!!!

  13. Aauw! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Braska is so cute! Sounds like she had fun besides the poking inside her ears...


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