Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Comfy sleep

Since Mommy got her office cleaned up, we've been in there in the mornings while she's working. I can play on the floor or sometimes I roll around on the bed. I fell asleep because it was so soft and squishy. Belle even cozied up to me and took a nap too. Mommy likes this because she can just keep on working.


  1. tooo cute - jumped over from michelles - was going to ask about the name Nebraska but after reading the bottom - I can't think of a MORE PERFECT name ever!

    are those Baby Legs she's wearing?
    I have a children's store (in SC) so it's tooo hot to carry them but they were all the rage at market!

  2. Dena--Thanks for coming by!! And yes, those are BabyLegs...she lives in them, wouldn't go a day without them!

  3. what a cute little munchkin you are Braska...!! You look so comfy there on Mommy's bed ;o) Shhh...quiet everybody!

  4. Now that's the life. Don't we all wish we could play until we were so happy and tired that we just fell asleep:-)

  5. That does look like a cozy place to fall asleep.


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