Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trip with Pop

This weekend I went to see Grandma C and Grandpa J with Pop and Mr. Brent. Mommy stayed home to do some work, and she said I needed to go visiting for a couple days so she could get things done. So we left on Saturday morning.

I played some ball with Grandma C. We made funny faces while we played too.

And I played games with them at the table. I like to get all comfortable and watch.
Sunday when we got back we had friends here to watch the big football game with us. First they got their yummy food that everyone brought.

Then the girls went in Mommy's room to watch and play with toys.

And the boys stayed in Pop's room to watch the big tv.
Sometimes we mixed up together too. Like at the end, we were all in Pop's room and it got really loud. It scared me when everyone yelled and made noise. Pop cuddled me because Mommy was one of them making the cheering noise! I watch alot of football, and this was a good game...Yay Giants!


  1. I had a blast. Tell mommy thanks for letting you come down.

  2. My girls and their football! It's great! Uncle Ryan and Auntie Joy went to their youth group's Super Bowl party while Auntie Julia and I watched the game together at home. Even though the team named on her new shirt from Auntie Rachel did not win, we had a great time. In other locations, Papa Beagle's oldest two daughters enjoyed it, too. Of course, the oldest son was watching, too.

  3. I was just browsn' last night and found your blog. Your little girl is so asorable! It was fun reading a little about her. Her playing in the mirror and baning on a drum was sooooo cute. It reminds me of my Zach when he was that little.
    It's so cute how these litte ones are!
    (pooh's corner)
    (zach zach the lego maniac)

  4. Glad to hear you got to go see your Grandma C so Mommy could get her stuff done! Tristan was a little nervous with all the cheering near the end of the football game too. He really didn't enjoy the unhappy yelling (and a few words he rarley ever hears) when the game ended LOL


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