Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big day

Today was so full of stuff! I've got alot of pictures to show you and some fun stuff to tell you about too.

First, Miss Robin came this morning, and we worked on my belly muscles and side belly muscles again. I did my exercises really good, and she and Mommy were very happy. So Miss Robin thought she'd try the next thing for me to learn. She told me before that I had to get my belly muscles strong before I could start to practice using my legs to get up. I don't usually like to use my legs for that kind of thing. But since I have started to get stronger in my belly muscles, I can do some neat things.

Miss Robin had a thing called a "slinky" that I think is really fun to play with. She put me on her leg and leaned me forward a little to hold myself up a little with my feet on the floor. Mommy and Miss Robin were happy again that I could hold myself up and play with Miss Robin only holding me still at my diaper.

I was able to hold up good, and I played with the slinky even higher. They thought it was good and clapped for me.

I got pretty excited about playing with the slinky, and I didn't even realize I was stretching out all big and tall.

I finally figured out if I wanted to get the slinky off the ground I had to get bigger, so I pushed up with my feet. Mommy and Miss Robin got all silly and cheered again.

Then Mommy got out a pair of my shoes that help my feet stay straight. And we did the whole thing again. I stayed up for little bits and kept playing with my slinky. I even started to lean over but I stayed up with my strong belly muscles!

So today I get to say that I stood up straight for the first time, with Miss Robin's help to hold me steady. Mommy was really excited and Miss Robin said I did great.
After Miss Robin left, Mommy took me to play with Maddy and Grace for a while. Miss Karen K was nice and let me play with them while Mommy went to get some things done at home. Maddy had some neat toys. She taught me about a tea party, and she said there was tea in there, but I didn't see any.
I thought that the plate looked tasty, though .
After we got home, I helped Mommy in her office, but I tried to reach the computer when it was too far away, so I bonked my head on the side of Mommy's desk. It hurt! Here's the boo-boo mark on my head. (Mommy put a circle around it because it's not as red as we thought it was.)

Tonight I played in my bouncy chair while Mommy was working. I practiced getting my leg muscles stronger, and it was fun to go around and around.

I practiced so long that I just decided to rest where I was. Mommy thought it was funny because I would sleep for just a minute, then I would bounce a little with my eyes closed, and then I'd sleep some more. It was a busy day and I did big things, so I got tired! Mommy finally took me to bed, so goodnight!


  1. Good work with the slinky and bouncy chair;)

  2. I loved seeing you stand up. very cool.
    Grandma C

  3. Wow! What a big, strong girl!

    Impressive - and adorable!

  4. you are so awesome Braska - and I love how you can catch a few zzz's no matter where you are! you sure are a special gal.

  5. Ack! I am a big mush puddle. She looks so big and grown up standing there! Good bouncing too! :)

  6. Oh wow! Look at those strong legs- great work!!

    I love the picture of her sleeping in the jumping chair - too cute and funny!!

  7. Wow - what a beautiful girl!!! and I love those shoes!
    Sorry I missed you guys at church but I did watch her loving on Gramma from a few pews back. :)
    Ms. Lanette
    Thanks for sharing Gramma C.

  8. I never thought about getting Joey a slinky! Great idea!! And I love the pictures!

  9. Very Cool! Look how strong you are & you didn't even know it! And you're pretty too!

  10. Braska, you are really taking off! You'll be running before you know it. We got a sweet valentine we will be putting on the refrigerator. I hope we can see you before long. Keep exercising and being the little sweetie peach you are. Love you!!

  11. Good job Braska! She is just adorable...one of the cutest children I have ever seen!


    William's Mom

  12. whoo hoo Braska! Look at her standing so well! That's great! and she's so cute all tuckered out in her johnny jump up thingy :)

    Also, what an amazing gift you got for V-Day! How special is that book your hubby put together! Lucky you!


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