Thursday, February 28, 2008

My heart's been fixed one year!

It's a big day for me!! One year ago I had my heart fixed! Can you believe it??!?! It was a scary day for some of us, but it was a happy day for Mommy and Daddy because they knew I was gonna be all better soon.

Here's what I looked like right after surgery. DON'T BE SCARED! It might be icky, but I think it just shows how far I've come!! Mommy and Daddy really like this picture because they were so glad to see me all fixed that they weren't even afraid of all the tubes and wires. Now, Grandma C, on the other hand, she didn't like them so much...

But look at me now!!! Happy as a little clam with all kinds of silly energy!

Here are the posts from my hospital stay, in case you want to see how good I did and how fast I got better.

2/28/07--Midway update
3/01/07--End of Day 1
3/02/07--Mid-day 2
3/02/07--End of day 2
3/03/07--End of Day 3
3/04/07--Mid-day 4
3/04/07--End of Day 4
3/05/07--End of Day 5
3/06/07--End of Day 6
3/07/07--End of Day 7
So today we say thank you prayers to God. He has watched over me and helped me grow all the way to 15 months!


  1. I did have tons of trouble. In fact just seeing this picture brings tears to the eyes, but you look so good now. So I am glad too, but back then I was a big puddle of goo.

  2. That was a very difficult picture for me to see before Georgia's surgery, but when they wheeled her out of surgery I was so thankful for haivng seen it because I was prepared. In fact, by the time surgery was done, it didn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would because I was just so glad we were on the other side! :O) So joyous! It's been a year, Braska! A wonderful year!

  3. You've come so far Braska! Happy 1 year since surgery.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a big landmark.

  5. Yay Braska! What a gift from God you are to all you meet! We are so proud of all you have accomplished! I just ran across the commentary I wrote about your parents during that time...

  6. Look at how strong you are now. Such a fighter . . .Good for you!

  7. Wow Braska - how far you have come!

  8. Happy 1 year heart anniversary Braska! Soon you will be looking back many years like Gabi who just had her 8 year heart anniversary on Feb 2!

  9. I know I'm late; but still wanted to say "happy heart day!" wow 1 year already - look how far she's come!


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