Friday, February 8, 2008

Icky week and finger food

It's been an icky week at our house. Daddy has been sick since Tuesday, like he can't even hardly wake up for long before he's sleeping again. He doesn't look so good either. I haven't got to play with him or get any cuddles since he got sick. Mommy is trying to be sure I don't get anything.

Last week I was a little warm a couple days, but Mommy says it is probably because I'm working on more teeth. Then I had the night when we had to go to get the test done. Then after I got back from my trip to St. Louis last weekend, I started getting warm again. This time Mommy says it was 101. I don't know what that means, but I didn't feel very good. I tried really hard to be a good girl even though I didn't feel good, I did my therapy playtimes and everything. Mommy said I did a good job and didn't seem too sick.

On Wednesday, Mommy saw some spots on my belly, and then they were on my back and my face too. It is kind of hard to see them in pictures, but maybe you can click on the picture and make it big, then you might see them if you want to.

Mommy talked to Miss Marie at Dr. Y's office, and she said we should come see him on Thursday. Since I've had some other things going on, they thought they should take a look at me.
Thursday afternoon, we went to see Dr. Y. Miss Marie put me on the silly scale first, and it said I'm getting bigger. 16 lbs 13 oz. I still had my spots when we were there, but I was feeling pretty good. Miss Marie also measured me and said I'm 28.5 inches long.

Dr. Y came in to check me out and said I was ok. It was nothing really. So we said thank you and came home again.

That night, Mommy was having some shrimp dip that she made. (It wasn't as good as Grandma C's, she said.) She asked me if I wanted to lick her finger, so I tried it. Then I tried to tell her I wanted some more. So she gave me some bites on her finger.

She tried to give me some on a spoon, but I didn't want that dumb spoon. I like it better just with Mommy's finger. Then she gave me some lasagna dinner for babies, and it was pretty good too. But not with the spoon. She tried it again, and I said no way. So she gave me some bites on her finger and then I was done. Mommy just said she wasn't surprised that I wanted to be picky again.

Today, we got up early and took Daddy to see Dr. B. He was pretty sick and got some medicines. He had one ear real sick and something called brong-kite-us. When we got home, we had to go pick up some things for Daddy to eat and help him feel better. I got dressed in one of my Auntie Rachel outfits (that's what our friends call them) with my new jeans that she got me.

We got Daddy's things and then went to lunch with Miss Jen S at Toro. Mommy said we needed to get out of the house for some girl time. I ate some beans and some gwakamolee and salsa, too. But I would only eat them if Mommy used her finger. I think that's a good way to eat, and she says if that's what I want, then it's ok for now.

I took a long nap in the afternoon that made Mommy very happy so she could get some work-work done. She was pretty behind after all week of taking care of me all day and night and taking care of Daddy too. Then we went to get some dinner with Miss Andrea and Josiah at Za's.
I didn't want to eat this time. Mommy gave me a little tiny piece of orange, but it was squishy and cold.

When we got back, Daddy was awake and he did a little dance with me, even though he couldn't touch me to get me sick. (You can see I made a mess in his room.)

I hope we all feel better soon. I'm ready to play with Daddy again some so Mommy doesn't look so sleepy all the time.


  1. Glad you are gaining! You can eat off fingers only for the next ten years if you'll just EAT, silly girl! I really like that picture with the red sweater and neat jeans! Hope Daddy is feeling better! Keep us posted.

  2. You should give your mommy a big hug. I love it when she helps you write big long stories with lots of pictures. She should get a brownie button.

  3. She is SO cute. I just love that little bow in her hair. Cute Cute Cute!


    William's Mama

  4. Well that really does give finger food a new meaning, doesn't it!?

    Once again, super cute pics! You're even cute in spots, Braska - and I'm glad you're okay!

  5. I'm so glad that the spots were nothing and that you are gaining!! I hope you are back to playing with Daddy soon so that mommy can get some rest!

  6. Annie had those once - they said it was from fever and may happen again! 16 pounds - getting sooo BIG! She is just precious!

  7. Good job Braska!

    Tommy MUCH prefers eating from my fingers to eating off that hard plastic spoon.

    After Tommy decided to try oral eating, there was a good solid month of 'food temperature' issues. Everything had to be room temp. Not cold. Not warm.

    We have now transitioned (with the help of two feeding therapists) to cold and warm foods. Mmmmm, shrimp dip sounds good.

    I like the idea of calling your daddy "daddy" and not pop. Then when you get all your words straight you get to call him pops which is really cute.

    All the pictures are so wonderful!

  8. Those are some kickin jean Braska! Glad you & daddy are feeling better too :)
    Love Auntie Rach


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