Monday, June 4, 2007

Baby looks like me!

Miss Judy came to see me this morning. She had some neat new toys, and she said I was doing really good! I showed her how strong I'm getting with holding my head up. She brought this really neat thing that showed babies looking at me. Mommy said they were all me, but that doesn't seem right. I do remember that there's a small thing like this, a mirror they called it, in one of my gyms, and there's a ball like that on my chair.

I say that no matter what it's called I like it alot. Mommy's getting me one set up so I can look at it when I'm on my tummy like this. Maybe I'll like being on my tummy more then. Today I played on my tummy for almost 10 minutes, and that made Miss Judy and Mommy very happy!


  1. Wow girl! You are going to be catching up to Gracie and crawling in no time! Karen K

  2. Miss Karen K--I don't know about crawling, but I wanna be big like Gracie, Mommy says.

  3. You look good in double.

  4. Hey sweetie, I know how hard you have to work to keep that head up and stay on your tummy; so WAY TO GO!!! Grandpa J's super proud of you!


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