Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pop's day part 2

Happy Pop's Day to my bestest Pop!!!!
Today we went to church later than we usually do, because we were tired. I think I looked pretty good, too.

This afternoon, me and Mommy and Pop got in the pool for a while. It was pretty fun. I have a new little floaty thing to ride in, but Mommy says it is still too big for me. We played for a while, and it was nice. The water felt like bathtime water, and Mommy says that's because it's been so hot here. Before we went outside, Pop put a bunch of stuff all over me so that the sun wouldn't make me too hot.

Miss Karen, Mr. Randy, and Grace and Maddy came over tonight. Mommy cooked on a big box with fire outside for dinner. Maddy put her cup in my swing for a ride, and Grace thought it was funny.

Tonight Pop went out to his hammy while he made his Father's Day calls. I think he likes it!


  1. I must say that I do enjoy the hammock. I hope it cools off a little so I can use it a bit more comfortably.

  2. my mommy has a hammy and it is great because it is like a laying down swing. you should ask your daddy to give you a little push in it, it is really fun! Gracie K


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