Friday, June 22, 2007

Extra visiting day

This morning I woke up in the place where we borrowed a bedroom last night. I forgot where I was at first, but then Mommy was there so it was ok. We went back over to see Macie and Morgan again, which was so fun! We thought we were only gonna get to see them one day, but we got to play two days!
The first thing we did was pose for pictures since we forgot to do it yesterday. These are my friends Morgan and Macie.

Then their daddy, Mr. Justin, came home, and he played with me on the floor. Morgan wanted to hold me some so her daddy helped. I like cuddles, so it was fun for me.
Macie and Morgan took turns sitting in my seat, and then Morgan tipped Macie right over!
Finally it was time to go, so we said goodbye and went home. It was nice to see Pop for a little while before he left to play cards tonight.

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