Thursday, June 28, 2007

The last few days

Mommy's been pretty busy and kind of tired when she's done being busy, so there's some stuff we haven't been able to put up stories about yet. So I thought I'd just put up the pictures and tell you about them anyway.

Tuesday 6/26

I've been playing a new little game with Mommy where I look at her at the same time as my hand...she called it bowtie taxing or something like that that means doing some stuff all at the same time.

Tuesday night we went to Toro with Connor and his parents.

After dinner, Pop and Mr. Matt went to play cards. Miss Nico, Connor, and Mommy and Me went to our church to the playground inside. It's a big new place that lots of the kids like. We were the only ones in there at that time, so Connor had fun just running all over.

Wednesday 6/27
I napped this morning in my new favorite place, on one side of Mommy's lap against the big puffy part of the chair.

Miss Andrea came by today with Josiah to say hello.

And we went to the store where we got Pop's computer monitor to give it back to them because he wanted a bigger one. So we got a bigger one. It's really, really big.

I had a pretty good time just hanging out in my eating chair too.


  1. I love that first picture! She is so stinkin' cute!!

  2. Great pictures! Sounds like you guys have been busy!

  3. Great picture Miss peek-a-boo. Your mom is good with the camera.


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