Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gettin' my play on

I've been practicing playing alot, since Miss Judy and Miss Robin want me to do it better with different toys and using both hands. So Mommy gave me one of my toys that makes clicky noises, and I found out how to make it go. She was pretty proud I think.
Tonight Mommy and I went to the store, but we got so much stuff, and Mommy started feeling icky, that we had to call Pop to come help us out. He's a good one sometimes, you know. Thanks, Pop. (He told about it here with a picture.)

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  1. I think you are bigger than when I saw you last week! Can you tell your mommy that it is time to have a play date? We can have lots of fun with you and Gracie and Ali. Let us know what time of day you like to play and we can get together! Karen K


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