Thursday, June 21, 2007

Goin' a'visitin'

This morning Mommy and I went to see our friends that live in a different town . It was kind of far away, but I slept most of the trip. We went to see Miss Julie, Macie, and Morgan. Mr. Justin was out of town. We just played and stuff there. They're moving farther away soon, so we wanted to get in some more play and talk time before they left. Mommy forgot to take pictures today since she was busy talking with Miss Julie and everything, but we're going to see them tomorrow so we'll take more pictures.

Grammy Jan, Auntie Joy, Auntie Julia, and Uncle Ryan have been at camp this week, and it worked out kind of neat that they were doing a show tonight in the same town where Miss Julie and the girls live. Mommy says kids from churches all around come to this camp and spend a few days learning songs and plays and stuff. Then at the end of the week, they do shows for everyone. We decided we would go and surprise Grammy Jan and watch the show. They were really surprised to see us, and the show was very good.

Here's me and Grammy.

Mommy's Auntie Hyla and Uncle Ron came too, so it was nice to see them again. I sat with Auntie Hyla during the show since Mommy was taking pictures and stuff. When it got all quiet, I took a nap, too.

First it was Uncle Ryan in the band. (back row middle)

Then it was Auntie Julia's turn in a funny little play. She was very funny.

Here's the choir. Auntie Joy and Grammy were in there. It sounded really good. I liked the music alot.

Here's Auntie Joy (left) and Uncle Ryan (red shirt) in a little play, too. They were both really good. They were supposed to be on an elevator or something.

After the show, there were lots of people who wanted to see me and everyone stood around and talked alot. So when we left, it was time for me to eat and go to bed, but Mommy was kind of tired too, and she said she didn't want to drive two hours to get home in the middle of the night, so we just went to a place where they let you use a bedroom.

It was really nice, but we were tired, so we just went to bed. I liked the bed alot, it was so comfy!

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  1. Braska looks too cute wiped out in the bed! Looks like a very entertaining weekend!


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