Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hangin' with the neighbors

We have some very nice neighbors next door to us, Mr. and Mrs. C and their girls. Sometimes the C girls come to swim in our pool, and Mommy and Pop like that alot. Today I went to visit with Mrs. C and the C girls while Mommy got some work done. We went outside for a while and I even cuddled up for a nap with Mrs. C. I had a nice time and hope I can go back to visit soon. They are really nice! Maybe I can swim with them when the come over next. Thanks for playing with me!!!

After lunch, Mommy and I went to see Miss Laurie and Miss Amiee at Dr. Y's office for that silly scale again. I was about the same as last time, but Mommy said it was good that I wasn't lower since I haven't been eating very much.


  1. Isn't it nice to have nice neighbors?

    Glad you didn't lose weight! All of us "big" people in the family sure wish we knew your secret of appetite suppression!

    papa beagle (or is it bagel?)

  2. I agree about the neighbors. I don't think we could have better ones- these guys are great!

  3. Oh...I want good neighbors like that! Actually, maybe they ARE nice like that--we haven't met them yet!!!

    And Miss Braska....I thought we agreed....more eating. K? Love, Georgia


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