Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks Miss Tricia and Georgia!

Today the man that brings our mail to us brought us a box with a bunch of stuff in it. Mommy said it was from Georgia and her mom, Miss Tricia. They sent us a lot of stuff to help me get my food with the tube. Georgia doesn't need it anymore because she likes her food more now, I guess. Mommy told me she might just send me to see Miss Tricia so I can learn that too. As for this tube, I don't like it much, but Mommy says I have to have it for right now.

So thanks for the stuff!!! That is very super nice of you! Hi Georgia!!


  1. No problem, Braska! I wish I could teach ya' how I did it, but I don't even really know. Maybe you can teach me that awesome laugh though! It's so silly & I love it so much!


  2. Cool to meet so many new and great friends in cyber space!


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