Monday, June 25, 2007

A little bit up

This morning Mommy decided she wanted to see if I had gotten any bigger on the silly scale, so she took me to see Miss Laurie, Miss Amiee, and Dr. Y. I haven't had my tube in for about 4 days, so she wanted to see if I'd been eating enough to get bigger. And guess what?!?!?!? I did get a little bigger!

(11 lbs 14 oz. That's up 2 oz from 12 days ago.)

It was pretty exciting that I was up a little bit, even without my tube lately. Mommy was pretty happy for sure. It was sad to find out that Miss Amiee is going to be not working there anymore soon. She's going to work closer to her house, which Mommy says is always nice, so I guess it's ok that she goes. We took pictures to make sure I can remember my pals though.

(Miss Amiee, me, and Miss Laurie)

And since Dr. Y wasn't busy, I thought I'd like to have a picture of him, too. He's good at taking care of me!

Tonight we went over to Maddy and Gracie's house so Mommy and Pop could watch a funny show with their parents. I wasn't feeling very good, though, so I didn't get to play much. My belly was hurting, so I told Mommy and Pop all about it. Maddy and Grace had a good time playing though.


  1. We sure enjoyed having you over and we hope your belly feels better today! Talk to you soon- Karen, Maddy, and Gracie

  2. Miss Karen, Maddy and Gracie--Sorry I didn't get to play more, but maybe I'll feel better next time.


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