Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's so great about eating??

This morning we went to see Miss Luann. I met her right before my surgery, but that was a long time ago. She helps babies learn to eat better, Mommy says. I don't see the problem really. I get my food really easy, but Mommy wants me to learn to not need this tube, and I guess that would be nice. Although, I've learned how to take it out whenever I want. Mommy says that's part of the problem.

So Miss Luann played with me for a while, she put her finger in my mouth and felt all around. That was weird, but I just let her do it.

She was funny sometimes, and she even sang a funny song to me that made me laugh.

She just kept talking about eating. My Pop says he doesn't know why everyone is so big on food, and I see what he means. I don't get what the big deal is. Then she tried to give me a bottle, and I told her right away how I feel about that. So she said she would probably just not fight me on it. Finally! Someone who realizes that I don't want that thing! But I did hear her tell Mommy that there were other things to try.
I fell asleep for a while, because we were there a long time. Then they woke me up trying to put food in my mouth again. Mommy gave me some bananas, and that's ok because I like them alot. Then Miss Luann gave me some milk from a funny thing they called a cup, and it had something in the milk too that made it thicker. I drank a little, but I got tired of it pretty fast and told them I was done with that for now.
Mommy keeps telling me that if I try then they can get rid of this tube, but I don't know. It seems all too much to think about. It's bedtime, so I'll deal with it tomorrow maybe.


  1. Braska,

    You are growing and changing so fast! You are also learning many new things. I love you and I am proud of you! Keep trying to eat, you will eventually find things you like better than that tube....too bad taco bell doesn't come in baby food sizes! Or maybe El Toro?! A good cheese enchilada mushed and tasty! :) Auntie V

  2. Braksa is too cute with her little nap in the middle of talking about food. I love it! Did she use flavored gloves? Delphine thinks those are pretty weird.

  3. Auntie V--We've thought about the cheese enchilada thing. It's her Pop's favorite at Toro, so she'd probably go for it...she seems to have about 99% of the same preferences that he does so far.

    Melissa--I don't think she did use flavored gloves, at least she didn't mention it, and I didn't notice anything on the box. Braska never made that "Ewww this is a new taste" face...just chewed and talked with her mouth full.

  4. Keep working on it Braska! You are doing great! I have to say you are not the first baby who was not crazy about eating, my girls think it is for the birds! So when it is all said and done you can teach them a thing or two about food! Then we can have a picnic with bananas for you and squash for gracie and cheese for maddy. It will be great fun! Karen K

  5. Oh, Little Braska....I know it stinks all this WORK to get that food...but maybe if you keep trying really hard you will soon discover that it's kind of fun! G is also trying to learn how to do it, so I know it can be hard and boring, but if you get really really good at the whole eating thing, one day there might be ice cream! (And your mom will be a little less stressed too!!!!)


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