Sunday, June 10, 2007

Three boys a'splashin' baby tumblin'

After church today, our friends Mr. Brian and his son David came over to swim with Pop. Mommy and I went outside with them for a while. Mommy set me on a chair and went to clean the leaves out of the pool. I got excited about being outside and starting kicking. Somehow, I pushed myself off the chair and landed on the hard floor that Mommy calls cement. Mommy and Pop came running when I started yelling that I hurt my head. Pop picked me up first. He told Mommy not to worry that he'd check me out. He took me in and talked to me while I was trying to stop crying. Mommy came in and gave me some medicine she said was for my head hurt. I got sleepy so I just went to sleep.

Mommy version--Everyone says it has to happen sometime...the first boo-boo. But I feel horrible that I helped her first one happen. I put her on this chair thinking I would be back in two seconds, but then I got busy and it was a couple minutes. I heard a nice, solid THUD and turned around to see her face-down on the patio. Muncher was already running, I threw the pole I had in my hand and got there in three steps. He picked her up and she was understandably screaming. BUT she is fine, only an abrasion on top of her head, and one on her knee. (Picture below from the following day, but the little red mark is barely visable.)
Best we can tell she pushed herself off the side of the chair, landing on the top of her head and falling over on her chest. She's been checked out and all is fine. (One more time for Grandma C...she's fine!) I feel guilty, but I'm just glad she's all good. She was smiling and playing within a couple hours, after a little nap after she wore herself out crying.

When I woke up, Pop, Mr. Brian, and David were playing in the pool still. They were being pretty silly and shooting water at each other.

Miss Ruthie came later and we got pizza after they got done swimming. Someday I think I'll like pizza because everyone always seems to eat alot of it.


  1. Oh my goodness. I am getting old. I started crying the minute your mom tried to explain what happened. Uncle Levi had to finish reading the post because I couldn't see. I think you might be the first person who has turned me into a total sap. Your pop fell about 30 feet out of a tree and I didn't get that worried. He broke his collar bone three times climbing up on counters when he was a little tyke. Again, no tears. Now, whenever something happens to you, my tears flow freely. I don't know, Little Miss, how you wrapped me around your little finger so quickly.

  2. How scary! That first fall is always so scary, especially for mom. I'm lad that she's okay!

  3. Like gandma c said, your pop has had his share of falls too. Hmmm, maybe... No, I won't go there little one. Falling ia part of life, as well as bumps and bruises and scrapes. Glad you weathered the 1st one so well! May all of your bumps and bruises and scrapes, inside and out, heal as fast.

  4. 'Braska, you pulled your first Mary!! Congratulations! You should really only practice those when you will land on something softer than the concrete patio...

  5. Grandma C and Grandpa J--Don't you worry about me. I'm a tough one, Mommy tells me all the time. I'm going to try not to be like Pop with the falling though.

    Miss Melissa--Mommy was a little upset, but she stayed pretty calm, just like she learned from Grammy Jan.

    Miss Mary--I was just trying to be like you, but I think I will take your advice to do it in a softer place next time.


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